Hello and welcome to my page. I have been working in the games industry for 9+ years pursuing to add quality assurance to every project I am on. Adventures across the UK and Europe has lead me to my current situation of being an Englishman living in Denmark working at the studio with the most downloaded mobile game.


I started off my games industry career in 2007 as a humble tester in an outsource testing company. While there I moved up in responsibility from tester to lead and moved around locations being a go to tester to be embedded in studios across the UK and Europe. Moving on in 2015 I now work at Kiloo, the biggest mobile developer in Denmark, as the QA Manager making sure that all new and existing games are released with the highest quality. For more comprehensive detail click on the button below to download my CV.


Currently the most downloaded game with over 1 billion downloads I am responsible for the quality of Subway Surfers. Challenging game development with a new location each update every 3 weeks, I strive to make sure that every player can enjoy each location without issues. If you want to join Subway on its World Tour click the button below.


While at Kiloo I have also been part of the development team that released great titles that included Dawnbringer, a large-scale fantasy RPG, and Spellbinders, a lane based PvP competitive action game. But once released the work does not stop. Both support and updates for current and legacy titles are given the same close examination to quality. Click the link below to see some of the extensive work produced here at Kiloo.


Currently working in the mobile market, but my work history has a rich depth of AAA and Indie games. It spans multiple platforms and console generations including the latest PS4 and Xbox One. Many of these titles I worked on for release, including compliance testing, and follow up DLC. Have a scroll through memory lane.


As well as a love for gaming and learning solo development through Gamer Maker and online courses found on Udemy and Codecademy, I pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle. Played rugby for many years with a great team called the Nomads at London Irish, and after spending many years in the weights room I now have turned to Crossfit, for the combination of the weights room and sports.

Prior to a trip to NYC in December 2016 I came to the simple realisation that you can only visit a place for the first time once. This lead me down the path of creating holiday montages for myself and girlfriend to share with family and friends. Now an amateur videographer and having ample experience using Adobe Premiere Pro, I look forward to capturing further memories.


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